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About Us

We automate your Finance department.

Great financial Processes give faster cash flow, more profits, and better decisions.

We are a virtual team of Finance professionals who understand that Process Is Cash Flow.

What We Do

It’s not complicated:

Process = Method * Tools. 

Efficiency is doing things right.  Effectiveness is doing the right things.

We verify that your Methods are Effective, and recommend Tools to make them Efficient.

We keep things simple: good Processes are simple ones.


Growth-constrained businesses have Tools that hinder their good Methods, or good Tools applied to so-so Methods.

Thriving businesses have moved into the green, where great Tools multiply the effect of great Methods.

Quickbooks is your primary Tool.  We help you get the best from it.  But it can’t do everything.  You knew that – it’s why you have manual workarounds in paper, Excel, and Word.

We can recommend automated Tools to replace your work-arounds:

  • Easy to install. Easy to use.
  • Electronic interfaces to Quickbooks.
  • Low cash cost.
  • Huge paybacks from faster processing and fewer errors.

Process Is Cash Flow.  Better Methods and better Tools mean

  • Improved cash flow with faster billings and collections;
  • Reduced paperwork and rework; and
  • A better grip on where and when you are spending cash. And when it will come back in.

We have an on-line <href=”cash-flow-analysis-questionnaire Cash Flow Analysis Questionnaire to help you confirm where you can improve your Processes, reduce costs, and improve your cash flow.

(The Method is self-assessment, the Tool is on-line access; we practice what we preach.)

Who We Help:

Growth-constrained, small-to-medium enterprises… You’re an owner-managed business…

…with strong sales…

… but you struggle with cash flow and profits.

…with hard-working finance departments… You have at least one full-time person in finance…

…but none are formally accredited (CMAs, CGAs, CAs)…

…and they don’t have enough hours in the day.

…that use Quickbooks, surrounded by manual Processes. You use Quickbooks, but you support it with:

stacks of paper documents…

…lots of Excel spreadsheets…

…and hideous amounts of manual data (re) entry.

Where We Work.

We are based in Ottawa.

We can travel.

But we prefer to apply our Method with powerful Tools: phone, email, document sharing, and videoconferencing.
(Again, we practice what we preach.)