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Our blog: how to improve your cash flow and profits by improving your financial processes in and around Quickbooks.

Shred (SRED) your R&D Costs

You probably know that SRED (pronounced “shred”) is short for Scientific Research and Experimental Development. There’s more; you may be in for a pleasant surprise. SRED applies to Process Improvement (and we’re all about that) SRED isn’t limited to work by people...

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Keep It Simple

Do you remember your first bicycle?  Did it have one gear, and you had to quickly slam the pedals backward to brake?  Do you remember begging for a new bicycle, probably a ten speed?  And – this is the critical bit – did one of your parents tell you “The more gears it...

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Don’t Offer Discounts

Discounts cut into your gross margin, and you’ll have to get a lot more sales to make up for it.  (There’s a bit of math in this post, but all of it just illustrates the previous sentence.) This is the first of two posts about discounts.  This one tells you not to...

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