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How important is it to have an Accountant who is also a Business Advisor?

The answer ranges from “Very” to “It’s Critical”.

It’s possible to get a business off the ground without an accountant like it’s possible to get an airplane off the ground without a pilot or fuel:  Yes, it can be done, but it’s bloody hard work, it’s a lot easier the other way, and you won’t get very far.

Sadly, this does not appear to be conventional wisdom.  That’s probably because you only ever hear of the (few, lucky) successes – you never hear about the legions of failures.

To clarify: “Accountant” means “Business Advisor”.  It does not mean “Bookkeeper” or “Tax Advisor”, even though your business requires both of those.  (See the post All Accountants Are Not Created Equal.)  Bookkeepers and Tax Advisors are paid to keep the books and records and to give you tax advice.  You pay a Business Advisor to help you with your business plans, and identify ways to save costs in your business.

Get a Business Advisor.  They reduce costs in your business, with the added bonus of less stress for you and more time you can spend on client service.